Introducing Foresight by Pyramid Safety

Pyramid Safety have developed an online Health & Safety system called Foresight.

Foresight has been developed to provide organisations with one location to manage their entire Health & Safety programme.

  • Track Staff Training
  • Complete Risk Assessments
  • Early Safety Report
  • Complete Safety Inspections
  • Management Audits
  • Track Assigned Actions
  • Full Indicators Package
  • and much much more …

Inspection & Audit Templates

Equipment & Vehicle Inspections

Accident Reports & Early Reports

Fire Safety Program

Complete & Track Risk Assessments

Safety Indicators – “Safety in numbers”

Safety Meeting Tracking

Notification System

Staff Training Records

Document Storage

Why Use Foresight?

Companies historically use paper trails to complete their safety audits, which sometimes doesn’t present the “Big Picture”.

As the economy grows, occupational injuries are likely to increase among workers across many industries (Farming, Manufacturing, Building etc). In turn, this will bring greater demand to ensure Health & Safety compliance in the workplace.

Full compliance is hard to achieve, however, owing partly to the rate at which the economy is growing.

How do we therefore overcome this problem and reduce the risk of injuries among workers?

Companies who use Foresight will have “their Safety in their hands”.


How Foresight Works – “Look ahead”

Chemical Safety

There are online Health & Safety systems on the market, however they only concentrate on one or two aspects (Staff Training, Risk Management etc) of Health & Safety.

Foresight has been developed to provide organisations with one location to manage their entire Health & Safety program.

From tracking staff training, to completing risk assessments, right to providing staff with means of raising an early safety report and completing necessary safety inspections, management audits & indicators etc.

Foresight has everything an organisation requires to ensure that they are working towards their safety program and in-line with Health & Safety legislation. With our “Hint” info bubble every feature within Foresight will provide a reason why to use this feature.

There are 3 different levels of access a company can choose from, all depending on what size their organisation is. In this way we have insured that from SME to larger organisations there is a level for every organisation.