Our Services

Pyramid Safety has developed Health & Safety programs to work in co-operation with our clients requirements while adhering to current legislation.


Below is a breakdown of services that can be tailored to suit clients requirements.


  • Safety Statement Development
  • Risk assessment analysis
  • Health & Safety management program
  • Health & Safety gap analysis in line with current legislation
  • Health & Safety training
  • Staff Training records management
  • Health & Safety policy & procedures development
  • Health & Safety training company presentations
  • Health & Safety training company staff booklets
  • Extensive range of PPE available
  • Enhancement of company safety culture

Safety Statement

By law, every business is required to have a company specific Safety Statement that is unique to their work and activities.

Pyramid Safety will assist our clients in creating this document and making sure that our client is 100% compliant.

Risk Assessment Gap Analysis

In-line with current health & safety legislation (Safety, Health And Welfare At Work Act 2005) all companies must assess what risks are relevant within their organisation. Pyramid Safety work with our clients to ensure that current operational tasks are assessed and that there is a risk assessment program in place which will monitor any recent implemented tasks.

Health & Safety Management program

At Pyramid Safety we understand that a “good safety culture” is built on the foundations of a strong management team.

We will work with your management team to ensure that they are fully aware of their responsibilities in building a Safety culture within the company.

Health & Safety Gap Analysis (in line with current legislation)

Pyramid Safety will ensure our clients are compliant with Health & Safety legislation.

Occupational Health & Safety should be seen as a value not as a priority, as priorities can change!

Staff Training Records Management

Staff training is the keystone to any successful company. It is also a legal requirement to make sure that staff are trained and, if necessary, re-fresher training is completed.

Pyramid Safety have developed an online “staff training records management & document storing system” to ensure our clients are kept up-to-date and compliant.

Health & Safety Policy & Procedures Development

We will spend time in the company operation to observe current practices and ensure processes & procedures are in line with current company practices. If there are any shortfalls in same, we can provide the solutions.

Health & Safety Training Gap Analysis

At Pyramid Safety, we have a vast list of training programs that will suit majority of company tasks.

We can work with our clients to develop staff training, company specific, training programs and Health & Safety Training Booklets

Some companies have chosen to document their Safety requirements for staff, Pyramid Safety can work with our clients to create these booklets.

We can help with the creation and printing of staff booklets

Extensive range of PPE

Pyramid Safety have worked with some of Ireland’s leading PPE suppliers and we can offer a full range of PPE at a very competitive prices.

Enhancement of Company Safety Culture

Safety should be seen as a value not as a priority, as priorities can change!

Pyramid Safety will work with our clients to build a safety culture that ranges from top line management to frontline staff.

We work on the ethos of “Safety, Quality, Output”

For more details on any of our services please contact us.

Staff Wellbeing

Pyramid Safety have sourced our own “Staff commit to be fit programme” where our fitness instructors & food nutritionist can work with companies to set up a dedicated, tracked fitness program that will suit their needs.

Though preventative measures are invaluable, many businesses are now working with external providers to establish a cost-effective service that provides faster access to physiotherapy and therefore speed up recovery when an injury does occur.